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20th Intl Feldbahn Meeting-Day1-3Oct. (October 3, 2010)
So this was to be my first steam travel adventure since I traveled to South Africa with my father in 1986. Originally, I planned to take my father with me on this trip as sort of payback for South Africa, unfortunately due to health problems he had to return to the US and I had to invite a family friend from the Black Forest, Hans Helmut to take his place. Luckily Hans Helmut enjoyed the trip enough for 3 people. The adventure at 2:30am in the Black Forest with a 2 hr drive to the Frankfurt airport. There we met up with our group from the Frankfurt Feldbahn Museum and our befriended museum "Gruba Fortuna" (http://www.grube-fortuna.de/). Actually, the guys from Gruba Fortuna organized the trip to Romania and invited us and friends from the Guldental (http://www.feldbahnmuseum-guldental.de/) to tag along, nice guys. The around 1.5hr flight was uneventful until we started our http://www.mavnosztalgia.hu/en/ http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Hungarian_Railway_Museum_in_Budapest
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17th Annual FFM Old Timer Weekend (September 25, 2010)
For the 17th time the FFM presents the yearly high point of Old Car meet Old Trains. "17. Frankfurter Oldtimertreffen" "Oldtimer der Schiene und Straße treffen sich beim Frankfurter Feldbahnmuseum" Link to pictures(Not mine) from the past years of the meet. http://www.feldbahn-ffm.de/Seiten/Oldtimer/Oldtimer/oldtimer.htm
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2010 Meininger Dampflok Festival and Fan Trip (September 6, 2010)
Meiningen is the last of the German Steam Locomotive Repair and Construction Works. http://www.dampflokwerk.de/en/index.htm Every year on the same weekend the former employer of 5,000 Steam Workers, Meiningen invites as many large operating Steam Engines to a big meeting festival. Mostly on the Saturday special trips start from all over Germany from cities like Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Berlin and Dresden to arrive at the Steam Locomotive Works to a festival of sights and smells. I was last there in 2005 and was just switching to digital pictures and afterwards learned the hard way how important it is to back up picture files in case the computer dies... So Saturday morning at 6:30 my landlord Dieter and I meet the train from Stuttgart at the 2km distant, Bietigheim train station. The first surprise was that the steam engine, 01 1066, didn''t pick us up and instead our "helper" a modern electric locomotive of the Type 185 from a Leasing pool. But not to worry the Pacific was waiting for us in Heilbronn. Turns out that because of our long train and the fact that the train changes directions at least 3 times and the 2,470ps strong engine can run 140 km/h but only forwards. http://www.uef-dampf.de/ So a little background to the engine was built in 1940 by Schwartzkopff as a the 3 Cylinder, streamlined parade iron horse for the Deutsche Reichsbahn. After the second world war she lost her streamlining, in 1954 she received a new high performance boiler and in 1957 was modified with oil firing. She ended her service live by the DB on May 31, 1975 and was delivered direct to the Ulmer Railroad Friends. But she only powered fan trips until 1977 when the DB decried a Verbot for all Steam Engines on their tracks. The engine was repaired 1982-84 by the members and was active again starting in 1985 until 1996 when the DB rediscovered steam engines to help celebrate the 150th Anniversary of railroads in Germany. Unfortunately in Dec 1996 the engine was severely damaged in a yard switching accident. The engine received a complete overhaul and left Meiningen 28.April 2001 right away on a grand tour of Germany with the famous Bavarian S3/6 4 cylinder Pacific. OK enough to our engine, I found Meiningen a great experience with unique atmosphere with part of the old factory falling into ruin and in other areas the newest of machines adapted to the specialties required of Steam Locomotive work. Look for my discussions of the machines and parts that I discovered in different corners of the work. enjoy Thor PS As of Aug2011 there is a report that the new boiler built for Australia must be returned for rebuilding, a sad statement of the current workmanship after the English Peppercon A1 Boiler problems of the past. http://www.heritageexpress.com.au/pages/legendsofsteam/3801/updates/3801update-2011-08-10.htm
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Transport of EFPP Locomotives (August 1, 2010)
Here is a collection of pictures mostly not from me that document the recovery and transport of the various locomotives of the EFPP.
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FFM Field Trip to 500mm Nürnberg & Bamberg Area (July 24, 2010)
Hello all, After visiting with guys in Frankfurt for their 35th Anniversary, I decided to join the group on one of their yearly “Field Trips”. This was a nice chance to meet up with my father again, that I hadn''t see in a year. He flew extra 6 weeks early (we have been planning the trip to Romania longer) so that he could go on this field trip to see the smallest know Krauss 0-4-0. (Great Pictures here of the restoration) www.feldbahn500.de/werkstatt_frameset.htm Unfortunately, they had problems with their injectors the Krauss the day before and a boiler without water is not a good thing so the engine was cold when we got there, everyone was disappointed. But they gave us a great guided tour, the lunch catering service was good and we got to explore their back lots. Just to give an idea how organized a German "Field Trip" can be...too bad that we didn''t plan in the biggest traffic jam in German, 50km long that we were in outside of Wurzburg. Samstag (24.) 8.00 h Treffpunkt Museum 8.30 h Abfahrt Museum (Entfernung 246 km = ca. 2,5 h) 11.00 h Gasthof Drexler, Zimmer beziehen, Wolkersdorfer Hauptstraße 42, 91126 Schwabach-Wolkersdorf Tel. 0911 641599-0 12.00 h Feldbahn-Museum 500 e.V., www.feldbahn500.de/ Drahtzieher Straße 32, 90453 Nürnberg (Entfernung 2 km = ca. 5 min.) Das Museum ist mit Fahrbetrieb (Dampfzug) offiziell von 9 bis 16.30 h geöffnet Mittagessen auf dem Gelände des Feldbahn-Museum 500 e.V. 19.00 h ggf. Abendessen in Nürnberg mit abendlichen Stadtbummel Sonntag (25.) 8.30 h Frühstück im Gasthof Drexler 9.30 h Abfahrt (Entfernung 45 km = ca. 50 min.) 10.30 h Fränkisches Feldbahnmuseum in Rügland am Wertstoffhof Rügland, Deutschland 91622 www.frankenfeldbahn.de/index.html Inside there nicely built Museums Building@ 49°23''''54.25"N 10°36''''27.86"E 11.30 h Abfahrt (Entfernung 105 km = ca. 1.30 h) 13. 00 h 1. Deutsches Baumaschinenmuseum/Monsterpark Fa. Seibold Erdbau, Hergeten 12, 96179 Ebing (www.monsterbagger.de) Mittagessen wird örtlich geklärt (ggf. im Monsterpark) Öffnungszeiten Monsterpark 11 bis 18 h. 17.00 h Heimfahrt (Entfernung 234 km = ca. 2,5 h) I have to say it was a nicely planned trip and we got to see alot of cool "Feldbahn". The cool part about the 500mm Museum is that they will receive another steam engine. They managed to buy a 500mm O&K locomotive 0-6-0T no: 11112 of 1925, an engine that was rescued from Angola in the last few years and returned to the Sandstone Estates in South Africa : the www.sandstone-estates.com/index.php/railway-heritage/bloemfontein-shed/152-restoration-begins-on-another-angolan-sugar-loco So there are definitely reasons enough to return to this museum in the years to come. Hope you enjoy the pictures, lots of details like I like, I have uploaded almost all pictures that I took. It is fun taking pictures for the HDR software, I travel again with a tripod and prepare for the multiple exposures, usually 6, to combine and process into the HDR pictures that you see. I need to spend alittle more time understanding the color blending and balancing but I can always reprocess them later again. See later in Romania ... -abracob/ Habe die Ehre Thor
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FFM-35th Anniversary (June 5, 2010)
The Frankfurt Feldbahn Musuem celebrated it''s 35th Anniversary with a Steaming day with trains operated by three Steam Engines; No.13 O&K Mallet, No.6 Henschel FABIA, No.8 Borsig Brigadelok HF312. The highlight was the return to operation of the Brigadelok with a new boiler and new tires and the running of the compound compressed air mining locomotive. Well the diesel train with 17 rocker dump cars was a nice train as well.
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Inauguration of DIEMA-My Going Away Party (May 24, 2010)
My "festa de despedida" or Going Away Party was sad but happy experience. Special for the party I had some new baseball hats printed with our IFPPC Logo in front and the plate from No.6, my favorite Krauss engine and the name from the Tender sides "Companhia Brasileira de Cimento Portland Perus". I brought the food and drink left over from our other Going Away Party Saturday from all our friends in Campinas and Bosch, then my friend helped me buy some new meat for Grilling and drinks and then I started to take my last pictures in Corredor. I prepared pictures for the new High Definition Resolution process which combines 3 different exposures into a single picture. Doesn''t it give the pictures a 3-D like effect? Well after some complicated switching operations to retrieve a converted rocker dump car as open platform car with two benches. And then my friends held a nice speach thanking everyone the worked so hard to bring DIEMA back to life from the deadline. As always Nelson is major participant, but my friends surprized me with the presentation of plates to mounted on the side of DIEMA with her date of reactivation and of all things, my name...yep they named DIEMA after me, DIEMA will now be known as "THOR", way cool. thanks guys. Then I got to drive "THOR" on the first passenger trip from Corredor to kilometer 2.5, road crossing. We made two trips with Nelson and I alternating driving. We arrived after sunset and it rapidly became dark in the deep forest. After transfering the last of my tools and gifts spare parts to Nelson, I had to say my goodbyes and start my lonely drive back to Campinas. But I left with a sense of contentment, sure there is still alot of work to me done to prepare the locomotives for transport and DIEMA rather "THOR" was not finished but she runs and as is busy pulling new cars and passengers. I am glad that I had to get to know these dedicated group of "preservations", inspite of my less than perfect Portuguese skills. I am looking forward to supporting them from Abroad for many years to come. abraco Thor
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Last Weekend Work in Cajamar-DIEMA lives! (May 9, 2010)
Nelson and I made a big push to get the DIEMA bolted together and to start the engine and test the drivetrain while still in the shop, BEFORE transporting the locomotive out into the forest...
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DIEMA On her feet (March 27, 2010)
Herico and Nelson spent the morning preparing the two parts of DIEMA's transmission to be reconnected and prepared to have the frame set on the wheels again. I was admiring our new Yanmar engine and measuring how it might fit on the frame. Turns out the that the mounting bolt pattern is only 5mm in width and 10mm in length larger than the orginal MWM from 1937. This is in one side good but the other problem is the output shaft is really low. We will need to see if the reduction gearbox on the new engine can be rotated 180° or our new engine will have to be mounted on very high supports. In the afternoon Nelson and I spent much time waiting for our shopforman to show up with an front end loader to use the "gumbiha", jerry rig crane boom which attaches to the bucket with no safety margins. As scary as it was we lowered the frame to the wheels, even if alittle skewed at first. Then after a few surprizing movements by DIEMA, and several hydralic jacking events the frame was positioned right. Now Herico had another appointment so he had left us, but he left us 4 beautiful "grease bombs", don't ever give him a bucket of grease for his birthday, he will spread it EVERYWHERE! But the really good news is that the frame is sitting on the leaf spring and therefore on her wheels the first time since September. And she rolls! Now on the ground she looks so small next to the big mining equipment, sort of like a skate board. Now all is left is the simple work of bolting the frame guides in front, putting the journal box retaining bolts on the bottom and mounting the brake system again. Replacing the two upper bearings in the transmission will be more work and see that it all assembles correctly. After that Alavro intends to work on the boring out new flywheel including cutting the keyway. Then we will need the new cardan shaft to adapt from the flywheel to the tranmsission. After the engine is mounted correctly of course. We can have this all done in April with first start of the engine. Maybe we will make our May 15th deadline to have DIEMA at Corredor...
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DIEMA (September 24, 2009)
DIEMA on the Deadline
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110yr. Sachsen Eisenbahn on WEM (October 1, 2006)
The German state of Sachsen celebrated 110 years of railroads in many activities throughout the state on several railroads. One celebration was on the Muskau Forest Railway, a 60cm Industrial railway on the border Poland with a long tradition. The Brigade Lok at the FFM came from this railroad and was invited to visit for the celebration. Unfortunetly, the boiler problems did not permit operation. But the newly restored MPSB engine "Jacobi" accepted the invitation. So Jacobi was loaded on a trailer and transported from Frankfurt to the WEM on the Polish Border for the extended weekend "field trip". It was great to see and here Jacobi stretch her legs with a real train through the forest. The other three steam engines made for an eventful 2 days. I will have to find a way to publish the video of Jacobi stalling in the forest with the train and spinning wheels crawling out of the hole. The Benner brothers proved the extensive experience as locomotive engineers. I heard talk that someone left some of the hand brakes on cars on. Could happen as all cars are hand braked with 2 brakemen and after the empty train was parked on the hill to switch engines. Enjoy. http://www.waldeisenbahn.de/en/
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Original Photos of EFPP Operation (January 1, 1983)
Here I try to collect all pictures that from the original operation of the railroad. Naturally, I wasn't around then to take to pictures. Ever effort will be made to credit the original author or source.
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