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This is the new photo index page. Browse the links below or use the search function to the right to find a particular photo.
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Special Features
EFPP-No1 ALCO2-4-2ST No66404 EFFP-No11 Baldwin1891 2-6-0 No 11892 EFPP-No18_UsinaMonteAlegre2-6-2ST
EFPP-No7_Porter1945_2-6-2_No7914 EFPP-No6_Porter1945_2-6-2_No7913 EFPP-No4_ALCO2-4-2ST_No68037
EFPP-No3_ALCO2-4-2ST_No66939 EFPP-No16_Baldwin4-6-0_No_32694 EFPP-No2_ALCO-COOKE_2-4-2ST
EFPP-No8_Decauville-O-n-K_0-4-2T_No5990 EFPP-No14_Baldwin2-6-2T-T_No_40674 EFPP-No10_Baldwin2-6-2T-T_No_40675
EFPP-No6 Kraus0-6-0T No5980 EFPP-No5_Hohenzollern0-4-0T_No1612 No1_Baldwin1897_0-6-2ST_No14963-Silvio_de_Campos
EFPP-No17_Baldwin2-4-0_No37399 Durango & Silverton ng rr Backshop Enterprises
MALCO Scenic RR FrankfurterFeldbahnMuseum DIEAMA DS24-THOR
Brigadeloks Dn2T Random Brazilian Locomotives Hungarian Railroads Related
Romanian Narrow Gauge Zillertalbahn Brecon Mountain Railway
EFPP-MagorCsrs EFPP-No5_ALCO-Montreal_2-4-2ST_No68633 60cm_LINKE-HOFFMAN_2-6-2T
EFPP-No7-EFPP-1912-O-n-K-No5972-0-4-0T EFPP-No.9-1927-LinkeHoffman-No.3084-2-6-2T ABPF-Campinas
EFPP-No12_BALDWIN1895_2-6-0_NO_14275 EFPP-No13_BALDWIN1901_2-6-0_NO_18897 EFPP-No15_BALDWIN1891_2-6-0_NO_11980
FFM-Teddy Bear Day FFM-No.16_O-n-K_0-10-0_No.11073 US-WW1-NarrowGauge
Brazilian_60cm_Locomotives FFM-Diesel-Benzol-Electric-Batterie-HumanPowered EFPP Crane Car
Each railroad is listed by reporting mark in alphebetical order along with the number of photos for each. There is a mix of locomotives and freight/passenger cars. All 27 Roads
Locomotive Models
To search for a specific type of locomotive model, use the follow page. The models are listed by manufacturer, then by model designation. All 69 Models
Photos by Location
There are certain locations that I am drawn to. Here are a few of my favorites along with photos taken in each location. All 40 Locations
Freight Cars by Type
Boxcar Caboose Covered Hopper
Dining Car DOME Flat Car
Gondola MOW Mucker
Passenger Railbus RockerDump
RockerDumpCar SideDischargeGondola Sleeping Car
Tank Car Transformator Transporter  
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