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Photo Locations
Alem Pariba, MG, Brazil 10
Cajamar Mine, SP Brazil 297
Cement Factory Perus, SP Brazil 84
Corredor, Brazil 151
Deadline-Mine Cajamar, SP Brazil 140
Dumont 6
GatoPreto-Near-Jordanesia, SP, Brazil 226
Jaguariúna, SP, Brazil 5
Km2.2-near Perus, SP, Brazil 3
Mine in Cajamar, SP Brazil 101
Ouro Preto, MG Brazil 59
Porto Ferreira, SP, Brazil 2
Santos, SP Brazil 3
Sao Joao del Rei, MG Brazil 24
Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil 4
São Simão 1
Sorocaba, SP Brazil 51
Taubaté SP, Brazil 9
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