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D 5972 1912 10 PS Bt 600 .11.1912 Schmidt, Trost & Co., Sao Paulo, an Minas de Estrada de Ferro Perus-Pirapora [Brasilien] /um 1940 Brazilian Cement Portland Co. [Brasilien] "7" (1960 vh, 2009 a vh in Gital [Brasilien]) The ABPF Colleagues have cosmetically restore the locomotive to a much more presentable condition then the first picture that I saw. In the Book Inventary of Brazilain Locomotives there is a picture of this engine painted with a "white wash" and mounted on former dump truck axles so that it could be towed around. Located at the ABPF Museum in the old Leopoldina Roundhouse in Alem Pariba, Minas Gerais. GPS Coordinates 2151''''42.60"S 4241''''27.98"W View Photos
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