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The Linke-Hoffman locomotives where the last new locomotives purchased by the Company Paulista. These German engines were selected after the predominately Baldwin supplied railroad as Baldwin declined to produce new 60cm/2ft engines. These engines operated under the Railroad No.920 (Builder No.3085) and No.910 (unknown builders No.). Both locomotives still exist, sort of, the No.920 was sold to a Sugar factory and regauged to meter gauge, I definitely want to visit this engine and figure out how they spread the frame of this inside, plate frame locomotive. No.910 was sold the Perus Pirapora railroad and suffered a head-on collision with another locomotive sometime in the 60s. Apparently the damage was so great that the boiler was scrapped. But the frame, wheels and most of the running gear, valve gear and part of the cab sit on the deadline at the mine in Cajamar. Also of note the trailing was changed from an inside the frame, inside supported wheel set to an outside the frame supported trailing truck which looks similar to American ALCO construction style. View Photos
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