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http://www.zillertalbahn.at/page.cfm?vpath=bahn/fahrzeuge/dampfloks http://www.zillertalbahn.at/page.cfm?vpath=nostalgie/hobbyzug http://www.zillertalbahn.at/page.cfm?vpath=nostalgie/dampfzug The Zillertalbahn is a 760mm narrow gauge railway. It is probably the most famous narrow gauge railway in Austria. It is built from 1900 till 1902. The last part was finished on July 31 1902. The line stretches from Jenbach in the Inntal to Mayrhofen in the heart of the Zillertal. Originally freight transport concerned only agricultural products. From 1929 till 1976 also magnesium from a mine in the Zillertal was transported. In later days also the timber mills in the valley made use of the line. At the moment almost all freight transport has come to an end.The line is however important as a means of transportation for the local population and for the numerous tourists that vist the Zillertal and the surrounding mountains. Copyright 1998 Gert van der Pijl, pictures Gert van der Pijl http://www.trainsofeurope.nl/oostenrijk/zillertalbahn/zillertalbahn.html View Photos
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