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No17_Baldwin2-4-0_No37399 from 1911. Originally from the Cantareira railroad. In 1958 the engine was sold to the "Fazenda Monte Alegre" in Piracicaba during the time the railroad was being re-gauged to meter gauge. The wood fired engine was used on the PerusPiraPora mostly as the switcher in Cajamar. Big wheels for a little engine. From the Baldwin Order specifications we know that she has 33"dia wheels, 28"dia centers, tire flanges 1"x1", steel tires held by shrinkage and shoulder siz 2.125"x4.75". Lateral Play between Driver Boxes and Wheel Hubs 1/32", Driving Journals Diam. 5.5" Length 6" Driving boxes are Cast iron with spring staples Wrot iron. Fixed wheel base 4''''6" total wheel base 11''''. Total wheel base. Engine and Tender (old tender) 32''''5" curves 60 meters radius, Grades 3% Rails 15kg per meter, gauge of road(Cantareira Tramway) 1''''11"5/8" Play 3/8". Weight approx working order 35,000lbs. On.Front Trk. 5,000lbs on drivers 30,000lbs. Tractive Power 7,500lbs. Ration of Adhesion 4, Working Steam Pressure 150lbs. View Photos
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