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Here's a list ofmy favoritelinks.
Art Work Alex Leao our EFPP Artist
Alex is a great graphic Artist and is one of our active documentation work group members.
Google Earth Community-PerusPiraPora
Place to post pictures and GPS links for your interests, here I have posted the Locations of all the major sites of the PerusPiraPora.
Jessica Wiehl (Significant Other)
My wife's website with information about her artwork and our travel adventures in Brazil.
Thor's Facebook Account
Photos from my life; past and present, including railroading. Photos with my wife and our travel adventures in the world.
Prototype Information
"Die Locomotive", a paper about the status of loco
The pdf files in the folder Allemand-German are from the german "Die Locomotive", a paper about the status of locomotive building at the time of publication. This first issue is the one for the year 1911. Other will follow, time permitting. A great thanks to Eric who found that gold mine. Cheers, Claude
A Guide to Collection of Baldwin Locomotive Works
The bulk of this collection is made up of engineering drawings of locomotives and their parts. These drawings are loose and available for reproduction. The rest of the collection consists of bound volumes of standards developed by Baldwin when building locomotives or parts. Some of these have been microfilmed. 2) Send an email to DeGolyer asking for a quotation. Make sure to state in the email "the drawings are for personal use". Address the email to Cynthia Franco. cafranco@mail.smu.edu The cost of each drawing is $30. (For a few locos it quickly adds up.) If you don't mind that the drawings are folded then maybe tell them that and pay a little less for postage. (3) They are fast with their quote. Mail them a money order in U.S. dollars. (4) Wait six to eight weeks.
Baldwin Styles: Reference Illustrations. By David
The following illustrations Represent Baldwin Locomotives delivered around the globe and have been sorted by their "Style Number" for ease of reference. Many of the styles as they are listed below have simplified descriptions ignoring specific notations applied to each order. Style Number: 1-100 | 101-200 | 201-300
Blog current happenings on Peruspirapora
Since our website turned out to be too complex to update, one of our members started this Blog and it receives the most current photos and public update outside our newsgroup.
Blog from Friend Leandro
Leandro is one of the original active "young" members of the PerusPiraPora community. After working on the restoration of the first sections of the railroad he moved on the continue his railroad on the tourist railroad in Ouro Preto, MG. There is engineer on the largest operating meter gauge steam locomotive a 2-10-2 from Donna Christina RR.
Drehscheibe Online
One of the best websites in Germany to find actual fan trips or the extreme detailed accounts of which locomotives and which trains are moving where in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Frankfurter Feldbahn Verein
My father and I are members longer in this one of the best 2ft or 60cm railroad museums in Europe.
Iron Monument Club, Pils-Czech Republic
Seems to group of railfans from the Czech Republic that travel Europe and the world documenting preserved steam engines. An extremely well organized website, even if it is mostly in Czech.
Jackson & Sharp Company, Car and Ship Builders, 18
JACKSON AND SHARP COLLECTION The Jackson and Sharp Company was founded in 1863 by Job H. Jackson and Jacob F. Sharp to build railroad cars. Its first products were peach and fruit cars that were useful to haul Delaware produce to markets. The company soon became one of the leading employers in Wilmington and one of the leading railroad car manufacturers in the world. It built the first American narrow-gauge car in 1871, received the Centennial Exposition medal for a car exhibited there in 1876, and built many private cars for wealthy Americans and foreign nobility such as Dom Pedro, Emperor of Brazil, and King Oscar II of Sweden. They were especially known for their ornate private cars whose interiors featured cherry, black walnut, and mahogany ornamental work. During the 1880s Jackson and Sharp employed over a thousand men and produced 400 cars a year.
Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester.
In case you are interested, elevation drawings of the Mogiana Garratts can be bought from the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester. See attached thumbnails. http://emu.msim.org.uk/htmlmn/collections/online/search.php and select 'Beyer...' from the pulldown and enter 'Mogyana' in Object Summary I am not sure but I seem to recall the cost is 20 Pounds per drawing.
O Trenzinho da Aurora
A nice website and little book put out by an early participant from the revival of the PerusPiraPora. I will help translate his stuff into English soon.
old STEAM LOCOMOTIVES in South Africa
Wonderful Blog showing status and location of most of the steam engines in South Africa, especially the Heeresfeldbahn Illing in Windoek, SWA.
Railroad Extra- Tech History 1890-1920
A very nice collection of online books and stories from the history of early American railroading centered around the Catskill Mountains.
Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania Archives
Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Library and Archives Data Retrieval System Search the Archives
Sandstone Estates S
"The Sandstone Heritage Trust is a private Preservation initiative established on a commercial farm in the Eastern Free State in South Africa.
the "Railroad Passenger Car Alliance", as they hav
Handling Of Freight Trains With H Triple Valves (that was the triple valve prior to the K type) Steam Locomotive Boilers New York Air Brake Duplex Air Pump How To Fire A Steam Locomotive (large file) Steam Locomotive Valves & Gears (large file) Steam Locomotive Break Downs (large file) Steam Locomotive Lubricators Steam Locomotive Electrical Systems Steam Locomotive Valve Gear (large file) Steam Locomotive Valve Settings (large file) The Steam Locomotive Description & Details (large ZIP file) ALCO Standard Practices -1 ALCO Standard Practices- 2 ALCO Standard Practices- 3 ALCO Standard Practices -4 ALCO Standard Practices- 5 Canadian Pacific Railroad Steam Maint - Superheaters & Fittings Canadian Pacific Railroad Steam Maint - Brick Arches Canadian Pacific Railroad Steam Maint- Steam Locomotive Painting
The Pioneers Railway Budapest
The Children's Railway is located in the hilly outskirts of Budapest, on the right side of the river Danube. It is operated by children aged 10-14 under the supervision of adult railway attendants. Services are operated every day except for Mondays from September to April from the morning to the evening. Special heritage services are scheduled at most weekends.
Thor's Videos on Youtube
I uploaded a few videos from Brazil.
Title Baldwin Locomotive Works engine specificatio
869-1938 Part Of Collection of Baldwin Locomotive Works records, 1856-1956 Description These digital files represent Series 2, Specification books, from the the Baldwin Locomotive Works collection (Mss 0061). The 78 manuscript volumes contain engine specifications of locomotives built for various United States and foreign railroad companies. DeGolyer Library holds Volumes 5-82, as well as a copy of the volumes on microfilm (Mf79.23). The files are digital copies made from the microfilm reels. The Baldwin Locomotive Works collection, which is devoted to the largest and most influential manufacturer of steam railroad locomotive engines in the world, includes books, specifications, engineering drawings, advertising and corporate publications, ledgers, and manuscripts. Notes Specifications, V. 5-82, 1869-1938. Index at the beginning of each volume. (Also available on microfilm, Mf79.23; 29 reels) Card index to specification books, 1880-1937. Handwritten cards (3 x 5 in.) Also available on microfilm (Mf79.23; 1 reel). Related Resources MARC Record: http://libcat.smu.edu/vwebv/holdingsInfo?bibId=307524; MARC Record: http://libcat.smu.edu/vwebv/holdingsInfo?bibId=2289884; Finding Aid: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/taro/smu/00052/smu-00052.html Keywords locomotives; railroads; railways; Baldwin, Matthias W.; transportation; specifications; Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation; engines Physical Description 30 microfilm reels: negative; 35 mm. Form/Genre Books Documents Microfilms Digital Resource Type Text Digitization Date Digitized: 2010 Digital Format Uploaded as .html link with links to embedded .pdf files
Wikipedia PerusPiraPora-Portuguese
Here wikipedia entry of the PerusPiraPora in Portuguese, Need to get around to posting this in German and English, feel free to translate if you care.
Railroad Discussion Forum
Feldbahn und 600mm Kleinbahn Forum
Deutsche Feldbahn Newsgroup
German Railroad News Group
This link is especially to the first pictures I have seen of the HFB Illing that still exists in Turkey.
My favorite US narrow gauge discussion forum. With emphasis and strong participation from Colorado narrow gauge experts and people working in the tourist railway industry. This link jumps to my blog like description of our work on the PerusPiraPora. Just click on the "Message List" to jump to the main, current discussion page.
NGX - Narrow Gauge Exchange .org
The place where Narrow Gauge; Builders, Projects and accurate Information come together!
Websites using Railfan Website Administration Tool
Indiana photographer capturing images of trains, farm equipment and small towns.
Photo website displaying photos from Northern California with a special interest in the Dunsmuir and Mount Shasta region.
A link from great Yahoo newsgroup introduced me to GodfatherRails. I liked what I saw, so I contacted Ryan and have now my own website on Ryans Platform, only better, more features but that makes it mine...

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